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How to Send Parcel in Cheapest Way?

July 03 2017
IMS Logistics

Sending parcel is one of logistics activity, as a logistics company in Indonesia, you must want to know how to send a parcel in cheapest way. We all know that cost is very important these days. People being concerned about how quickly a parcel can get to its destination and how to make the cost cheaper the parcel is. Although the prices are predetermined, still there is a way to keep the cost as low as possible.

IMS Logistics

Choose the right packaging

The size and weight of the parcel are the most part which affecting the shipping cost. The larger and bigger of your parcel, the more expensive the cost you’ll get. The size and weight will be affected by the packaging you choose. Packaging will protect your items properly from any damage while shipping, especially if the journey being a little frugal with the padding may also be prudent depending of course on the contents. To reduce the cost of packaging, you can re-using packaging materials. It will keep low your overall costs and is much better for the environment.

Send in bulk

Send more parcel to save more cost. Sometimes when you send more parcel together you’ll save more cost with deposit of our depots. So, if you want to lower cost of sending a parcel, you can send in bulk if possible.

Know the right time

There is a time when the cost of shipping is low. Sending faster deliveries will cost you more than basic shipping. Planning a delivery will save cost, so you can use normal delivery than faster delivery. So, prepare your parcel before you send it right away.

International packages

You can also lower shipping cost in international shipping by following many of the guidelines. As you know, international shipping cost is calculated by the volumetric weight of the parcel. So, if the volumetric actual weight and size of your parcel, the former will be used to calculate the shipping cost. it means when the weight and size of your parcel down, particularly when sending internationally.

Free shipping

If you buy something online and want to send that abroad, you can use free shipping. Usually, the e-commerce will provide that service so you can send that item as a gift too. If you using that feature, you don’t have to worry about the cost, because it’s free for you. But not every e-commerce provides that for you.

Sending parcel abroad will cost you a lot. Hopefully, these tips will help you send your parcel the cheapest way possible.

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