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How to Improve Workforce Efficiency in Warehouse

June 13 2017
IMS Logistics

Every company wants to make their customer happy, and when products roll out on time it makes them happy. To make product flow efficient is not only about putting everything in its place and getting a product out on time but also to maximizing productivity while saving time and money.

Improve warehouse efficiency is one key of successful logistics business. It also becomes priority to every warehouse to increasing their warehouse efficiency. Using barcodes, scanner and RFID system are part of warehouse and inventory management system that focus on monitoring the flow of products and enhancing accuracy with software. Also for some practices like labeling can be done without using a software.

But there is a lot of things that you can do to improve workforce efficiency in a warehouse as published on, such as:

Review effectiveness

Before you make a plan about increase efficiency, you need to know your warehouse condition. You can’t make an improvement without doing analyzed. You need to find out is there any inefficiency within the chain? Is there any problem with the flow of goods in and goods out? You must be happy, if you find some problem, it means you just need to find the way out of the problem. If you planning something without know the problem, you’ll never know your plan is effective or not.

Warehouse layout

If you want to improve your workforce in a warehouse, you should have information about warehouse. A well-organized warehouse can become disorganized and difficult to navigate. It will make your staff slow down and lead to numerous safety hazards. So, don’t forget to check your warehouse layout regularly and make sure your staff is doing their job well.

Track your products

There is tracking technology system which helps you to track your product easily. Even you can get complete tracking and end to end traceability of products. By using tracking system, its not only reduces search times but also reduce labor costs and business process. Also it ensure quality records to accurate by eradicating errors with manual processes.

IMS Logistics

Check the stock

Don’t ever overstocking of items, it’s the biggest pain points of wholesale distribution. There are large amount of unsold or expired stock on a regular basis. Use the system to show your stock in real-time and provide reporting to help your inventory. You can know every movement of your pallet cause its recorded and you’ll always be able to keep on top of any stock issues.

Incentive program

It’s okay to have an incentive program. Especially if the performance target become the most important thing in warehouse. Efficiency can be improved and pallet movement will speed up. Also, you can have access to highly reliable, valuable data whereby incentive program can be monitored so they are safe.


If you don’t have well-trained staff, so train them. Make sure managers are properly trained and understand the points for an efficient workforce in warehouse. Also, make sure they know how to utilize the internet efficiently. If you have smart people to run your business it will reduce warehouse costs.

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