Are you …

A Business with goods in transit at airport ?
A Manufacturer with overflow goods during special seasons or urgent condition ?
A Growing e-commerce business ?
An Established business that needs files & records storage ?
An Individuals in need of more storage ?

We have the solution you need, a new service that allows you to rent a warehouse with the inventory management according with the space and time needed, very flexible, of course with a minimum rate competitive in Cubic Meters (CBM).
Let’s find out ……
  • Warehouse space rental with inventory management
  • Handling in and out units
  • Extra service packing wrapping labelling etc
  • Delivery by land and air all over the country
  • Racking with 5 storeys
  • Fire extinguisher and hydrant
  • Smoke Detector
  • Sufficient Lighting
  • Mechanical handling equipment
  • Web inventory access and ordering
  • Weekly report
  • Live tracking

Why Easy Storage?

Flexible Time, Flexible Space

You are free to create a storage plan, shipping your needs.

Easy process, Easy Payment

You simply visit our website and can immidiately start the process.

Dedicated warehouse team

Our dedicated team have extensive experience in warehouse management

Unlimited storage space:

In a complex of 4Ha, we can certainly accommodate any needs for any types of goods in any situation

Clean and Secure

We are committed to the highest cleanliness and security standard
  • Our warehouse area protected by security system and personel 24 hours 7 days a week

Automating Supply Chain

IMS means I’M Solution. Every employee of IMS thinks he or she is a solution provider. Together we are a collection of Is to become IMS in providing a total solution for you

We can assist you in anything you need for your logistics

and supply chain management from improving efficiency to cost cutting

Improving you network distribution efficiencies and customer service
Improving your assets and capital utilization
Providing in-depth analysis into logistics design, re-engineering and supply chain management
Implementing advanced information systems and benchmarking processes to measure productivity

About IMS Logistics

Established in 1969, International Movers and Storage (IMS) started its operations in moving and relocation business. Today, IMS Logistics has grown into a full service logistics provider and warehouse management consultant.

Our success is achieved through the solidity and unyielding dedication of our integrated team throughout the years, which rewarded them with the trust and appreciation of our valued customers.

Our customers are the foundation of our existence. IMS Logistics will not achieve our accomplishments today without the full support of our valued customers.

International Standard

In order to adhere to international standard, in 2007 IMS Logistics was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 for system management in Accounting, HRM, Operations, Transportation, and Warehousing procedure and ISO 14001:2004 for Health and Safety procedure.

Our Team

In IMS Logistics, we strongly believe that our most valuable assets are our own team. Therefore, we commit ourselves to continuously improve and enhance their skills and capabilities through constant training and education, at the same time providing them with a harmonious work environment in assisting our team to attain work-life balance.

In an industry where personalized service, security, and reliability are of utmost importance, there is no other alternative other than to put the highest value in your own team. We have believed in this vision since the inception of IMS Logistics four decades ago, still believe in it now and will always hold this vision well into the future.

IMS Logistics has been serving our clients for over forty years. Our expertise comes from our extensive experience, which we utilize to serve you for any type of industry and products.
Services we provide to our clients include:

Facilities to accommodate any type of industries from telecommunication, steel to fast moving consumer goods
Comprehensive Value-Added Services
Dedicated and multi-client facilities, and also outsourcing facilities and in-sourcing service
Best-in-class technology
Complete end-to-end transportation solutions

Cross docking, Import and Export


We help you to grow your business

No matter where you are in the evolution of your business, we’re here to help fueling your logistics chain.

Supply Chain Solution

We take pride in fueling your logistics chain

Our Supply Chain and Logistics experts at IMS Logistics create and implement their own design of complex supply chain solution at a regional as well as national level, we will assist you in sorting through the many technological alternatives in Supply Chain and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and will customize WMS specifically to serve your supply chain management needs.


Warehouse Management

Special handling & Extra service

IMS Logistics has it own warehousing facilities equipped with a racking system for maximum protection of your goods while at the same time minimizing storage space. Three warehouses are located in Jakarta and several others, in a joint-venture partnership, are spread throughout the country.
Most of the warehouse facilities are equipped with reach stackers, racking systems, dock levelers, pallet movers and forklifts. To meet the growing customer’s needs, our equipment is upgraded and expanded regularly.


Transport Management

Delivery unlimited

Optimizing your transportation and distribution network can minimize transportation costs for any given service level or business constraint. The process, however, can be complex. Powered by comprehensive software tools, our logistics engineers conduct in-depth analysis to implement a new redesigned shipping solution for you. This extends to movement across borders, with a single team working with you for seamless end-to-end performance.


Automation System

What we can easily see is only a small percentage of what is possible

A background in automation has made IMS Logistics one of the few supply chain solutions provider with a highly advanced warehouse management system.


Value Added Services

Logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology

We design value-added processes that eliminate unnecessary transportation, handling and inventory costs. From the price-marking and theft-tagging of fine apparel to labeling packaged goods or the kitting of component parts, our skills in segregating, manipulating and reallocating shipments adds real value to your distribution network.


Warehouse Design

Thinking the way forward

Maintaining balance is an important element for effective warehouse design – balancing capacity and throughput, storage techniques and equipment requirements against staff utilization. With many value-added services now taking place in the warehouse, it is also about weighing process flows against automation and new technologies



Four Decades of Solid Experiences

Established in 1969, we’ve more than forty years of experience in logistics & distribution business.

Excellent local knowledge

We’ve experiences in delivering any type of goods to every corner of Indonesia in various road condition and challenges.

Integrated supply chain

Having an integrated SCM provider made us capable in delivering all of the SMC aspects.

Leader in automation

As the solution for all your logistics and automation obstacles, we’re confident to share our strength in automation and information system

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